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AlKayan Engineering

We exist to provide unique designs to unique Clients who always seek the best. This in fact has been our main objective at Al-Kayan Consulting enabling us to become more integrated in Engineering since its establishment in 1993. At Al Kayan Engineering, we firmly believe that our core competencies are not about our great designs, yet about cultivating client relationship where the principle of creativity tends to be dominating. For this, we tend to spend much time with clients to carefully satisfy their needs and objectives, and consequently reaching the perfect design solutions that are considered unique and meaningful to them.

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About AlKayan Group

about us

Al Kayan group is a diversified holding company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, active in a wide range of industries in the field of consulting engineering, planning of medical equipment, laboratory facilities, healthcare consulting/operations and some specialized healthcare programs. These companies work according to an integrated system run by a centralized department to manage and facilitate all activities in all companies in order to achieve local and regional success in compliance to Carrers standards and best practices.

Our Vision

To build a diversified group of solid and sustainable firms based on the principles of value and commitment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the development of our local economy in Saudi Arabia, cultivating sustainable business opportunities with a solid partnership strategy.